Have a Peek – User Testing by UserTesting.com

You have been working on your site for a few weeks now and you feel like you have done a good job. You even have asked some of your colleagues or friends to look over it and they give you some feedback which helped to improve. Well, that is a good start, but what happens when you let someone who has now idea about your actual intention or business have a peak. Then it becomes interesting and you can learn quite a lot.

How to build a website – a basic guide

Building a website for the first time might look like an overwhelming task. There are many little steps to consider and decisions to take. However, splitting them apart and taking them one by one helps to get you going. Even if you can’t do everything on your own. Having a general idea sets you on the right track and highlights areas where you should organize some support.

Phonebloks – a phone worth keeping

According to Wikipedia each year roughly 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced worldwide. Over 100 million phones are thrown away annually only in Europe. It is estimated that only up to 15% of this waste is recycled and lots of valuable materials are lost forever. The main problem with most electronic devices is, that they are not designed to last. If one part fails, normally it is easier to buy a new one than to repair the unit.

Business plans for small companies

When you want to start your own business it is a delicate balance between learning on the go and planning ahead. There are so many unknowns along the way that constant learning is part of your job description. However, it is still worth to sit down and spend the time on working out a good business plan. It helps you to clarify your way forward and to communicate clearly about your business.

Why it is essential to update WordPress?

With the simple five minutes installation and many available one-click packages WordPress is easy to install for new websites. In fact you don’t even need to know very much about HTML, PHP or MySQL to get it running in most cases. This is great when you’re just starting to discover the possibilities of running your own CMS. However, when using WordPress or any other self maintained publishing platform, it is of utmost importance to also consider regular technical maintenance and upgrades.

Use social media in a beneficial way

Social media portals like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter can be a great way to promote your business and build up your network of contacts. Done the right way it gives you a very economic opportunity to stay in contact with your customers, inform them about recent news and keep them aware of your brand. Done the wrong way it might be just be a big waste of time and money.